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     “Suite” Reservations

Include a Full Service Breakfast

                                                      High Season Only   (June-October)  

                               Continental Breakfast included                                                                               Low Season (February 17- June 1st)

    Dining Room Hours: 8-10AM

                                                                            Coffee is on at 7:45 AM

                                                                         Please Note:

        Breakfast is not included in the Bunkhouse or Couple’s Cabin rentals


     Summer’s High Season Breakfast is prepared by the          Innkeeper  with either  “sweet options” or “savory options” for  the full service breakfast. 

      Saturday morning is usually “savory options” and Sunday morning is usually “sweet options”. Weekday  vary.

Saturday Morning “Savory Options” Include:

Signature Breakfast Burritos

Freshly fried tortilla filled with farm fresh eggs, Colby Jack cheeses and Fresh salsa. Top with more fresh salsa to your liking. Sprinkled with cilantro and a dollop of sour cream.  Sausage or bacon. On a bed of lettuce.

Woodland Omelets

Whipped Farm fresh eggs and cream cooked to order.  Add chopped fresh spinach, sometimes mushrooms, and/or cheese.  Toast or bagel. Sausage or bacon.

Simple substitutions: scrambled or over-easy eggs.

Sunday Morning “Sweet Options” include:

Sheri’s French Toast

Gently fried egg-cream-cinnamon-batter over coarsely-cut French bread or Baguettes. Sprinkled with confectioners sugar. On the side: Three-berry compote topped with whipped cream, for dipping. Warm syrup and butter. Sausage or bacon.

Three Berry Crepes

Specially-spiced egg and rice flour batter swirled and fried to perfection. Filled with our signature three-berry compote. Topped with fresh fruit in season. Add a little more compote, confectioners sugar and whipped cream. Strips of bacon on the side. Gluten free option.

Blue Berry Pancakes or Whole Wheat Kodiak Cakes

All-you-can-eat crispy-thin pancakes served with just plain warm syrup and butter. Fresh Fruit. Bacon or sausage





Summer Porch Dining
Secret gazebo

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Winter Dining Room

Winter dining
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Dining Room

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