The Bunkhouse

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The Bunkhouse is perfect for inexpensive basic lodging for 8 adults.

There are 2 bedrooms with 2 sets of very sturdy bunk beds in each bedroom.

Bedroom #1 has one single bunk bed (2 single mattresses) and one double bunk bed (2 double mattresses).

Bedroom #2 has 2 single bunk beds (4 single mattresses).

The kitchen is small but efficient. It has a full sized refrigerator and dishwasher.  The oven/stove combo is apartment sized.  There is an antique cabinet that shelves a service for 8 in plates and silverware, mugs and glassware. The under counter cabinet has a corner  ” lazy-susan” for dry food storage. The small  kitchen bar, for 4, is good for informal dining.

A modest gathering area contains a comfy sofa and loveseat. A double  wooden bench is there so that there is cozy  seating for 8.  There is a small TV/DVD with 13 local channels/CBS<NBC<ABC etc. (Normally no one really watches TV because there are so many other fun things to do.)

The Bunkhouse is used for a wide variety of adult group activities.  Cyclists and runners stay here while they are training on Highway 35.  Snowmobile groups stay here on their way to and from the Nobletts  snowmobile trailhead.

Cold and wet campershunters, fishermenmotorcycles groups, and skiers/snowshoers,  work crews and family reunions have all enjoyed the warmth of the Bunkhouse.

We have hosted small quilting-bees, scrapbooking workshops, snowmobile tours, and many families with ( 1-2) parents and (1-6) kids, and families in every combination.

The barnyard pasture is within 30 feet of the doorway and the kids (and adults alike) enjoy getting to know the animals. They usually like  to help feed or care for the goats, pigs and chickens, after their original city-fears subside.  On rare occasions they have even witnessed the birth of a baby goat.

There is a 2 night minimum stay and many people have rented  for days, weeks and months.

Gathering area
fish, bike, hike,
Gathering area
hike, bike, fish, snowmobile
Double/Single Bunks sleep 4-6
Sturdy bunks sleep 4




fishing, ski, snowshoe
Galley Kitchen

2 night minimum required on all reservations

Low season rates (November-April)for up to 8 people     $149

Peak Season rates (May-October) for up to 8 people $159

Holiday rates for up to 8 people                      $179

Breakfast is not  normally included but during the Summer months, when requested, we offer Breakfast for $10pp.